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Service and Repairs
Below are just a few of the many types of services that Sparkle and Splash will perform.  If you are looking for something different please contact us.
Pool Equipment Repair & Replacement
We can repair anything minor like pump seal leaks, gaskets leaks , plumbing leaks, time clocks, in-ground floor systems as well as install complete new equipment such as Filter Tanks, Heaters, Pool Motors, Automatic Systems, Salt Chlorine Systems and more.
Filter Tear Down and Clean
Depending on the type of filter ( Cartridge, DE, Sand ) your pool has, we will separate, clean, backwash, inspect for cracks or tears. Filter is re-assembled with all O-rings lubricated and proper material is added to filter.
Spa Drain and Clean
Drain all old water and Clean spa shell
Remove and Clean filter
Fill spa with fresh water
Balance water chemistry
Pool CPR
This service includes Backwashing (before, after, and as needed during the clean-up process + a full filter clean at the end), Shock, Vacuum, clean all bags and baskets of debris, and balance the pool chemistry. Check Pool cleaner, if applicable.
Basic Pool clean-up
Check chemical levels. Brush, net and/or vacuum pool.  Empty all baskets and bags. Give recommendations for equipment needed.
Chemical Boost
Accurately add all chemicals needed to achieve proper water balance.



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