Most pool professionals agree that dumping hundreds of pounds of salt in a swimming pool is environmentally a bad idea. In some areas, it is against the law. Salt is corrosive and can damage pool equipment, the pool surface, and surrounding landscaping and hardscaping. Instead of putting 800lbs of salt into a swimming pool, Chlorine Genie requires only 80lbs of clean salt and it is added directly to the unit—the salt never enters the pool water.

By putting the salt into the Chlorine Genie unit instead of the pool, evaporation, reaction with other chemicals, and reaction with all of the metal in your pool equipment is eliminated.

If the pool does not have a salt system, or if the cell on the system has deteriorated, the typical pool consumes 3-5 gallons of chlorine per week. That is over 200 gallons per year. That chlorine, plus acid to balance the pH of the pool, has to be manufactured at large factories, transported by truck or train to local markets, bottled, then transported by pool maintenance companies to your pool…every week.

The Chlorine Genie manufactures all of the chlorine needed by a pool and can even be used to adjust the pH of the pool eliminating the need to transport, store, and use muriatic acid or other products on a weekly basis.


  • Genie uses softened tap water, so cells stay cleaner… requiring less service.
  • Genie’s salt goes right into the brine tank… not in the pool.
  • Genie uses a small amount of tap water… not hard pool water.
  • Genie manufactures its own acid and base products…eliminating pH problems.
  • Genie makes chlorine every day… reducing pump run times and energy consumption.
Good For Your Pool

Modernize Your Pool Maintenance

Extend the life of your pool equipment
Eliminate corrosive salt from your water
No more damage to your plaster, coping, and hardscapes

Inline Chlorine Generation Units

  • Necessitates pouring hundreds of pounds of salt into the pool.
  • Filter MUST run to generate and dispense chlorine to pool.
  • Extra acid is required to counteract the alkaline by-product that is created inline and dispensed to the pool.
  • Minerals attach to the inline cell(s) and cells must be removed and cleaned regularly.
  • Cells usually must be replaced every 3 to 5 years at a cost of several hundred dollars.
  • Little chlorine is made when the water is cold.
  • Many cities have worries about saltwater discharging from salt-water pools into creeks, drains, and waterways. Some cities have laws prohibiting salt-water pools in their jurisdiction. (
  • Good for pools that are prone to white calcium flakes that build up in the pool

Chlorine Genie Units

  • Salt is added to the unit (not the pool).
  • Chlorine Genie can operate INDEPENDENTLY from the filtering system.
  • A manual pH valve allows user to adjust pH without using commercial chemicals.
  • Cells are easily cleaned without being removed.
  • Since the cell is submerged in softer brine water, the Genie uses very little electricity.
  • Genie has a built-in water softener that removes harmful mineral from incoming water.
  • Is easily installed without making changes in the filter system.
  • Genie is environmentally friendly and is not affected by saltwater regulations.
  • No more white calcium flakes in your pool


Learn more about the benefits of Chlorine Genie, we are here to help answer your questions!


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