Pool Automation

What is Swimming Pool Automation?

Our Pool automation systems allow you to control your pool’s maintenance functions, such as the pump, water features, or heater, with just the push of a button. Typically, you would have to turn on each pool function individually. From the pool pump to the special water features, homeowners with complex pool features can benefit the most from a pool automation system.

Pool automation not only handles all of that for you but also gives you remote control over the entire pool system (depending on your setup).


With swimming pool automation technology, you can remotely:

  • Control your pool heater, and adjust water temperature
  • Power your pump/filter system on and off
  • Automatically manage pool chemical levels
  • Activate and adjust LED pool lighting
  • Apply and remove covers


Benefits of Pool Automation

  • Pool automation comes with a few noteworthy benefits.
  • Remotely turn on your Spa or Pool to be ready for your use
  • Save money by scheduling cleaning and heating at night time
  • Avoid accidentally running your pool heater too long
  • Spend less on chemicals with the help of automatic testing and chemical management
  • Remotely monitor swimming pool usage and condition
  • Access a swim-ready pool around the clock
  • Simplify pool maintenance
  • Spend more time swimming
Tucson Pool Automation Services
Tucson Pool Automation Services
We bought an IntelliChem system from Sparkle and Splash the fall of 2018 and they installed it. Since that time, we have had intermittent failures of probes that was baffling to everyone, including the manufacturer, Pentair. Although out of warranty, Sparkle and Splash wants to make it right and has gone above and beyond to work through the problem. Jacob, their repair manager has cheerfully researched and attempted to determine how different factors could affect the probes. In doing my research on this system, it appears that other purchasers of this product have had similar problems and were abandoned by their installer because of warranty expiration. Not so with Sparkle and Splash. They treat me and my issue as if I just bought the system yesterday. It’s rare to find a business with this much integrity. Hats off to the owners Mike and Amy and especially to Jacob! Highly recommend doing business with Sparkle and Splash.

-Ed Robertson

Recently determined that our pool service was sub-par, and went looking for recommendations on Next Door. Several folks suggested Sparkle and Splash, and so I called them and asked for a visit to discuss my pool, some maintenance work that was needed, equipment upgrades, and ongoing service. Their service manager Jacob visited my home, took a careful look at everything, quickly diagnosed a programming problem with my Pentair pump, and suggested a few maintenance options that would address some problems we had. From the get-go it was apparent that he is expert in pool systems, water chemistry, and the equipment we owned.

-Nils Menten

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